Wednesday, March 16, 2011

U.S. Concrete Precast Group Completes the Production of High Strength, Green Concrete U-Beams for the Phoenix Sky Train Project

U.S. Concrete Precast Group has completed the production of 130 pre-stressed, green concrete U-beams for the Sky Train Project at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. U.S. Concrete Precast Group secured the project in 2009 with Hensel Phelps Construction Company. Production of high strength U-beams began at U.S. Concrete Precast Group’s manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona in February of 2010 utilizing environmentally friendly concrete mix designs, EF Technology®, which can have a carbon footprint 30 percent lower than standard concrete mix designs. This proprietary technology not only provides enhanced performance of the concrete products and a reduced environmental footprint, but can also provide credits toward LEED certification. The U-beams are an integral part of Phase One of the Sky Train project and are designed as the platform for the future elevated people mover at Sky Harbor International Airport, which is expected to be completed in 2013.

The Sky Train is projected to reduce the number of vehicles per day at the Airport by nearly 20 percent or 20,000 vehicles, and significantly reduce congestion and pollution. Phase One of the Sky Train will transport passengers and employees between METRO light rail stations, parking lots, and Terminal 4, which serves 80 percent of Sky Harbor International Airport’s passengers.

A total of 130 pre-stressed U-beams were used in Phase One of the project, ranging in length from 58 feet to 100 feet. Each beam requires up to 47 pre-stressing strands and can weigh up to 72 tons. Over 3,723 cubic yards of green concrete was utilized by U.S. Concrete Precast Group in Phase One of this project.

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