Thursday, August 02, 2007

Solar Legislation Needs Your Support

From Aaron Hall of Borrego Solar Systems

I sent out an email a couple of days ago encouraging you to support legislation that will increase the fuel economy standards and set a minimum target of renewable energy production.
This email is specifically for solar and deals with the most important legislation for solar in our country's history. Together our support brought on state legislation, now we can help the entire nation!

Specifically the bill contains the following provisions for solar:
Eight year extension of the 30% commercial solar tax credits (Section 48)
Removal of the $2,000 cap on the residential tax credits
Ability to take the tax credits against the alternative minimum tax

What I am urging you to do is to contact your congressional rep and let him or her know that you feel it is paramount that this legislation passes in order to ensure long term success of the solar industry in our country, which will result in solar power being competitive with fossil fuels, even when you don't take in to account all of the external costs of these conventional energies associated with wars, climate change, dependence on foreign energy, pollution, etc. If you are in the solar industry, let them know and remind them of the jobs that solar creates in their area.

To find contact info for your congressional rep, enter your zip code here. Then go ahead and call him/her. It helps! If you are so inclined, send them a fax as well. My congressman Duncan Hunter (East San Diego) currently is not on board so he especially needs some encouragement from his constituents.The vote will take place very soon, potentially today or tomorrow.

The bill# is HR2776