Saturday, July 21, 2007

Green Building Experts Syndicate has a new way for green building enthusiasts, eco friendly people, architects, contractors and other professionals to receive timely information about sustainable building practices and environmentally conscious building products right on their desktop, within their browser or by email. Call it really simple syndication or RSS, click on a simple link and you are on your way to becoming really knowledgeable about environmentally friendly building.

"At first I was puzzled with the RSS concept but the further I read about this method of sending readers our content the easier the implementation on our web sites and blogs got, " said Matt Banes iGreenBuild's founder.

"It took me one minute to subscribe to our blog and now I can see any editorial updates to that blog right in my Google browser," commented Elizabeth Crane, one of's editors.

Subscribing to an RSS feed involves very little. In fact, once you subscribe it's almost magic how the information you want starts appearing in a small window in your browser or, for those of you tech-savvy followers, right in your custom RSS reader. It's like having a ticker or small TV on your desktop.

Visit or and look to the upper right corner of these pages. You have an option to receive updates via email or enable the feed for your browser. and its parent company GBM Marketing, Inc. plan on syndicating each of the firms twelve blogs and four web sites in the near future.