Thursday, August 14, 2008



More Manufactures to Emphasize Sustainability

Vista, CA -August 11, 2008-Waterless Co. LLC reports a surge in both sales
orders and requests for sales information after the company introduced a new
line of soybean urinals approximately four weeks ago.

According to Niki Bradley, marketing manager for Waterless Co. LLC, the
company did expect some excitement with the introduction, "but nothing like
what has happened in the past few weeks."

She attributes much of the interest to the fact that more and more
manufacturers-even the manufacturers of urinals-are looking for more
sustainable ways to produce products.

Waterless Co. is one of the largest manufacturers of no-water urinal systems
in the United States. As the name implies, the company's urinals require no
water and can save more than 40,000 gallons of water per urinal each year.

The soybean urinals are made from approximately 30 percent soybean resin,
which is a naturally sustainable resource.
Bradley adds that the soybean content in the urinals is expected to increase
in the near future.

There is no difference in appearance, function, or maintenance with the
soybean systems compared to other waterless urinals. The difference is
purely in the type of material used to manufacture the product. A label
placed on the urinal is the indication it is a soybean system.

"Our announcement just seemed to happen right as everyone is getting more
and more concerned about the bigger environmental picture of
sustainability," says Bradley.
"Over the next few years, we will probably see many products we use every
day reengineered with more sustainable components. These soybean urinals are
just a bit ahead of their time."

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