Thursday, March 21, 2013

April 2013 CALGreen Workshop - Sacramento

Sacramento Workshop Coming Soon
March 21, 2013

Dear Colleagues:

Our April Workshop in Sacramento is coming soon. Register now and you can still obtain a registration discount.

July will bring publication of the latest changes to CALGreen, California's mandatory green building code, changes that will become mandatory in January. 

You won't have to wait that long to find out what this update will bring. On April 19, at the Green California Summit, code experts from the Building Standards Commission and the Department of Housing and Community Development will lead you through the latest developments.

This is your chance to hear directly from those involved in the development of the code - and to ask any questions you might have about CALGreen basics or how the code will evolve in the future. 

More Training and Free Concurrent Sessions
The Summit offers professional training on other topics, from changes in accessibility codes to meeting AB 1108's requirements for benchmarking energy use before building sale. For details, click here.

Your registration for professional training also gives you free access to the concurrent education sessions on April 18 and 19 at the 2013 Green California Summit, as well as the Expo, opening session on April 18 and the Leadership Awards reception on April 18. This is a great opportunity for you to get up to date on more than just CALGreen. Attend sessions organized by USGBC California, Clean Cities, the Institute for Local Government and more.
For details on these great sessions, click here

Register Now
You can register today at the Green California Summit registration page. Note: choose the "Professional Training" badge.

Session details:

Friday, April 19
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm 
Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J. Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

AIA continuing education credits available.
The session offers 3 AIA credits and .3 ICC credits. 
Registration is $105. Seating is limited.

LEED Gold Creates Great Work Environment

This video is a really good resource for any business owner or building owner considering renovation or new construction of a low rise office structure. I like the thinking behind the positioning of employees close to natural light sources for personal enjoyment of their work environment. So many other great concepts covered as well. Enjoy.


Monday, March 18, 2013

EPA Begins Construction of Groundwater Treatment System for Torrance Superfund Sites

For Immediate Release: March 18, 2013
Media Contact: Nahal Mogharabi,

EPA Begins Construction of Groundwater Treatment System for Torrance Superfund Sites

LOS ANGELES — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced the start of construction of a groundwater treatment system that will clean up groundwater contamination from past operations at the Montrose and Del Amo Superfund sites in Torrance, Calif. The treatment system is expected to be completed in 18 months at an estimated cost of $15 million and will be used to remove chlorobenzene, benzene and other industrial chemicals used to manufacture DDT and synthetic rubber from the groundwater.

Under EPA supervision, Montrose Chemical Corporation will build a water treatment plant, dig 11 wells, and install approximately 30,000 feet of underground piping. The completed system will draw contaminated groundwater from the aquifer, remove the industrial chemicals, and then return the treated water back underground. The treated water will not be served as drinking water, but will instead be re-injected to surround the contamination and prevent it from any further movement into unaffected groundwater areas.

Construction will take place on both public and private property. Wind screens and noise blankets will be used to control dust and noise generated during construction work. In addition, the construction team will use the best available dust control measures to protect construction workers and prevent migration of DDT-impacted dust outside of the work area. Dust and air monitoring will be conducted during all construction activities, and plans are in place to ensure that dust does not blow into residential areas or businesses.

Montrose Chemical Corporation of California manufactured the pesticide DDT from 1947 until 1982. Chlorobenzene was a raw material used in making DDT. The Del Amo Superfund site, located adjacent to the Montrose site, was formerly a synthetic rubber manufacturing facility that used benzene, naphthalene and ethyl benzene. Groundwater contamination from both sites has co-mingled and will be cleaned up by this single treatment system.

For more information and project updates on the Del Amo and Montrose Superfund Sites, please visit: