Saturday, March 15, 2008

EnviroGLAS Back For Year Three

EnviroGLAS, manufacturers of a variety of post-use recycled glass and porcelain products for decorative and practical use in green home building and environmentally friendly commercial construction, has renewed its online advertising with for a third consecutive year.

"Products like EnviroGLAS generate a lot of interest and inquiries from people responsible for designing, building and buying homes, office buildings and school facilities," stated Matt Banes Publisher and CEO of GBM Marketing, Inc.

"Using recycled glass and porcelain to create beautiful, eco friendly floor tiles, counter tops and decorative landscaping has given EnviroGLAS a great marketing edge in the green building business. Architects, home owners and builders are consistently requesting information and samples of this product," commented Stephen Schwing who reviews eco friendly building products for

Online advertising appears to be on the rise in the green building market. Browse through and you'll find hundreds of companies featuring their products and services and targeting the entire food chain of potential buyers from the end user to the person designing a green home, high performance school or LEED certified building. Needless to say, online advertising is a great fit for challenging economic times as print advertising seems to be costly in comparison to its digital equivalent.

EnviroGLAS information is quick and easy to request at Advertising is just as simple so give it a click and browse away.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Green Video

If you haven't signed up for Friday's Green Video email from don't wait any longer! Last month more than 8,000 green building enthusiasts watched the featured video clips emailed to them on two Fridays and the viewer feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

It seems as if our readers like the idea of an educational video clip on Friday, especially since the last day of the week seems to have people in good spirits. We polled a number of our readers and the majority of this group found it easy to watch and listen while handling other end of the week business tasks. With no special player required it's really easy to watch any of the videos we feature.

Today's Green Video publication features two clips. Clip #1 is from this week's "Eco:nomics" conference presented by The Wall Street Journal. Learn what Fred Krupp of The Environmental Defense Fund has to say about the business of going green. Video #2 is another helpful segment from Building Green TV. Play this clip and learn a few interesting statistics about landscaping and some eco friendly techniques for your next project.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Greening Technology

Today I learned how the information technology industry plans on reducing the enormous carbon footprint it leaves behind through the use of servers computers and other energy hungry equipment. Watch this informative video on and consider some of the facts and solutions major firms like Microsoft will be implementing for years to come.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wind Turbines Used At Major Airport

Massport, The Massachusetts Port Authority, announced on March 5, 2008 that it will be installing 20 building integrated wind turbines at Boston Logan International Airport. This is an impressive and promising project for the renewable energy community and is very happy to report this news.

The complete article has some great details about this major project.

Building a California for Future Generations

Summit Brings Government, Private Sector Together

From April 7-9, thousands of representatives from California government and the commercial real estate sector will gather in Sacramento for the 2008 Green California Summit and Exposition. The event, developed under the leadership of an advisory board chaired by Secretary of State and Consumer Services Rosario Marin and Secretary of Environmental Protection Linda Adams, is designed to support statewide efforts to build clean and sustainable communities. Read more about the summit on here.

Energy Film On

Energy efficiency is a huge topic in the green building business and products that save home and business owners money on energy bills are booming. Energy Film, a window covering similar in form to window tint, blocks 70% of Solar Energy and rejects 97% of UV light with outstanding optical clarity. It blocks 38% of a windows heat loss in winter months. Talk about savings!

Recently Energy Film was featured on the popular Internet web portal and the single advertising campaign netted the firm more than sixty-five serious inquiries from home owners, U.S. government offices, schools and universities, architects, major businesses and home builders. The people requesting information were intrigued by the simplicity of the product, its easy installation and the bottom line dollar savings that can result from its use.

Take a look at this product and feel free to contact Energy Film for more information. Here's a link to the product page on Energy Film page.

Stay warm...or cool today.

Are Home Builders Going Green?

With the announcement in February by the National Association of Home Builders about the launch of their national green home rating system some people are questioning if this program will work or fail. In a recent article published on green building consultant and author Jerry Yudelson explains his thoughts on this subject and gives some professional insight into NAHB's program. Read the full article here.

How do you feel about NAHB's rating system?