Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Green Video

If you haven't signed up for Friday's Green Video email from don't wait any longer! Last month more than 8,000 green building enthusiasts watched the featured video clips emailed to them on two Fridays and the viewer feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

It seems as if our readers like the idea of an educational video clip on Friday, especially since the last day of the week seems to have people in good spirits. We polled a number of our readers and the majority of this group found it easy to watch and listen while handling other end of the week business tasks. With no special player required it's really easy to watch any of the videos we feature.

Today's Green Video publication features two clips. Clip #1 is from this week's "Eco:nomics" conference presented by The Wall Street Journal. Learn what Fred Krupp of The Environmental Defense Fund has to say about the business of going green. Video #2 is another helpful segment from Building Green TV. Play this clip and learn a few interesting statistics about landscaping and some eco friendly techniques for your next project.

Happy Friday!

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