Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Community College Retrofits Lighting with LED Tube Lights

Seesmart Embarks on $2.3 Million Lighting Retrofit of Pasadena City College
Over 34,000 LED tube lights to be installed across campus of third-largest community college in U.S.

Simi Valley, CA, USA — 7 March, 2012 – LED lighting manufacturer Seesmart, Inc. has secured a $2.3 million contract with Pasadena City College for a lighting retrofit to further its reputation as a leader in sustainability.  The retrofit will replace more than 34,000 fluorescent tube lights in campus buildings with high-efficiency, long-lasting Seesmart LED tube lights.

Pasadena City College’s anticipated LED retrofit benefits include significant energy savings of $720,000 and 3.7 million kilowatt-hours per year, and its carbon footprint will reduce by 5 million pounds per year.  Additionally, the college expects an $850,000 rebate from Pasadena Water Power for this energy-saving project.

“Pasadena City College is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in sustainability,” remarked Richard van Pelt, CFO and assistant president of Pasadena City College.  “The move to replace all fluorescent lamps on campus with LEDs represents what we are about—global leadership in everything we do.  Not only will this save more than 55 percent of electrical consumption for lighting, but it saves in manufacturing resources and disposal costs and impacts.  We start saving money on the first day the LEDs are installed, so the payback is instantaneous.”

In the course of Pasadena City College’s lighting retrofit, classrooms, offices, stairwells, parking structures, gymnasium, and mechanical rooms of 26 buildings will be converted from fluorescent to LED lighting.  The contract for this massive project was issued using the California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS). 

"Integrating Seesmart LED lighting products into Pasadena City College’s infrastructure will not only save energy, it will bring cost avoidance opportunities,” said Ray Sjolseth, President of Seesmart, Inc.  “The long lifespan of our LED products obviates the need for frequent replacement of individual lamps.  This minimizes maintenance costs and facility waste and means that on-staff labor will be available for other servicing needs.”

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