Monday, March 14, 2011

LEED home in Freeport, Maine

I thought you might be interested in Melissa Coleman, a writer for Maine Home +  Design and an author/blogger whose LEED-certified home in Freeport, Maine was  created in partnership with Robbie George of Colorado.  Cranberry Ridge  is the fourth home in the country to receive Platinum LEED designation and the  first in the Northeast. It’s located near Wolfe's Neck State Park in Freeport,  Maine.

The house's green features include:2.4 kW photovoltaic  solar electric array, a 90 Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water system,  low-flow fixtures and appliances, cabinet door panels made of pressed  sunflower seeds, local Maine granite used for the counters, wood floors made  from Forest Stewardship Council certified birch, doors with compressed wheat  hull cores, ceramic floor and bath tiles made from recycled car windshields,  south-facing triple glazed windows and siting for passive solar, sprayed-on  recycled newspaper insulation and rock wool instead of fiberglass, radiant  heat floors and efficient Buderus boiler, glass-doored fireplace with fan,  Lifebreath air treatment and ventilation system, furniture from local  companies, patios made from flagstone instead of treated wood and low impact  landscaping.  

There is lots more information on Melissa’s blog  here:  

Coleman chose Thos. Moser’s hand-crafted wood furniture as a  complement to the home, and there is more info (and images) here:

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