Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inergy Homes Initiates A New Era In Green Construction

A new revolution in green home building has arrived, due to the efforts of Bruce Carpenter, owner and CEO of Inergy Homes. Carpenter has developed a proprietary building method that’s 259 percent more energy efficient than Energy Star requirements and reduces utility bills by as much as 60 percent.
“Smart green construction starts by recycling and doing something good for the long-term,” said Carpenter. Inergy Homes are energy efficient and use recycled materials, with the potential to save thousands of acres of timber.”
Inergy Homes are certified by Energy Star, Earth Advantage and the Oregon Department of Energy. Carpenter also won first place in an international competition for his use of reflective materials in a home during the RIMA International competition in 2010. The green home built for the competition was all electric and had a utility bill of just $74 in November 2009.
The energy efficient and eco-friendly homes are constructed by combining steel framing with radiant barrier sheathing and continuous exterior ridged insulation. The procedure relies on the radiant barrier sheathing, which blocks 85 percent of heat loss during winter months and prevents 97 percent of heat transfer from the sun in the summer. The radiant barrier insulation creates homes that are 17.2 percent more energy efficient than required by building codes.
These green homes are extremely energy efficient and they’re also good for the environment. Carpenter’s homes reduce CO2 emissions by 76 percent when compared with traditional construction. The galvanized steel with which the houses are framed is made from 90+ percent recycled steel from junk vehicles. The average green home uses the equivalent of 3.8 junk cars in recycled steel and save 3.5 truckloads of logs from being harvested.
The steel construction provides the houses with superior strength and the ability to withstand the elements. The structures require zero maintenance and they’re fireproof. Steel construction is lightweight and doesn’t warp, bend, twist, split or rot like wood. A healthier living environment within the home is achieved by blocking air that typically enters a home that leads to fungus, mold, mildew and dry rot. The structures provide low-cost affordable housing that lasts.
“It’s up to all of us,” said Carpenter. “We can make a difference. It’s time we all build quality affordable energy-efficient homes.”
Your green homes can be built from floor plans Carpenter has already developed, or custom designs and plans can be created to suit individual clients. The firm can construct green custom housing up to four floors in height. Sample floor plans can be downloaded from the website. All metal is precision cut by computer for the highest quality control and elimination of end-waste.
Carpenter also provides buildings suitable for use as storage units or home offices. Structures can be erected in a day and customized for windows and doors, or for use as a garage. All parts and instructions are included, and feature the energy saving construction for which Inergy Homes has become famous.

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