Monday, March 21, 2011

Sustainable Cypress Building Products - Architect Case Studies

PITTSBURGH, March 21, 2011 –The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association (SCMA) has published two new case studies that highlight the natural beauty, durability, and versatility of cypress.    

Cypress Endures the Elements at Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Airport

Flying into the recently expanded Jackson Hole Airport, Jackson, Wyo., is a breathtaking experience. It’s the only commercial airport located within a U.S. national park, Grand Teton National Park, and its panoramic views of the Teton mountain range to the east and the Gros Ventre range to the west are awe-inspiring. That beauty, combined with the innovative use of cypress in its recent renovations, makes the airport a traveler’s delight. But the successful make-over was not without significant challenges.

Cypress Complements Outdoor Living on Shelter Island

When Manhattan architect Cary Tamarkin, of Tamarkin Co. Architecture and Development, set out to build his dream beach house on Shelter Island, N.Y., he considered every detail, including the views of the Shelter Island Sound and the melodic swish of the waves. “My goal was to make a simple, yet intricately designed house that took full advantage of the wonderful site.” Tamarkin said. “And of course, I wanted to design the coolest house on Shelter Island.” His effort, enhanced by the site’s cooling breezes and breathtaking sunsets, resulted in a cypress showcase.

The case studies are the newest in a series of stories that examine how and why architects use cypress for their residential and commercial building projects.

The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable cypress building products to trade professionals and consumers. For more information, visit

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