Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LED Lighting Awards

EvoLucia's Aimed LED Lighting Honored with Next Generation Luminaires Lighting Design Award for Street/Area Lighting

[SARASOTA, FL: March 21, 2011] The U.S. Department of Energy, along with its partners the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society(IES), has announced the winners of the 2010 Next Generation Luminaires™ Solid State Lighting Design Competition including EvoLucia's Aimed LED Lighting among the 37 profiled winners. EvoLucia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc.

The competition drew 368 total entries, though only 138 entries from 61 companies qualified for adjudication. All four of those chosen as "Best in Class" were selected from the indoor lighting market.

After thoroughly evaluating five of EvoLucia's Cobrahead (SCHX5 LED)units, looking for those products with the lowest glare, highest efficiency, best thermal management, highest uniformity and most efficient optics, the judges applauded the glare control, uniformity and efficacy of the SCHX5 LED. EvoLucia's SCHX5 LED was one of the remaining 33 entries that were selected to be a product that the judging panel would recommend to lighting specifiers. There was only one other honoree in the roadway light category selected from all the entries. EvoLucia's SCHX5 LED was the only outdoor roadway/parking luminaire in this category that was recognized with an award.

The EvoLucia product profiled by the judges was the Cobrahead or SCHX5 LED street/area light which employs EvoLucia's patent pending Aimed Optics™ technology to efficiently direct light to a targeted area. The SCHX5 performs with an industry-high Fitted Target Efficacy score of 57 to put the most foot-candles on the ground, in the pattern required, with the best uniformity, using the fewest LEDs and the least power consumed.

Bob Fugerer, Chief Technology Officer of Sunovia, stated "The entire team at EvoLucia applauds the DOE, IALD and IES for advancing the awareness and market-acceptance of innovative LED lighting technologies that are worthy of specification by lighting designers. There is no question that LEDs are setting new standards for general illumination lighting. We are delighted that the distinguished judging panel has recognized the pace-setting efficiencies in energy and light utilization that our Aimed Optics™ technology has made possible in nextgeneration LED roadway and parking area luminaire design."

EvoLucia Aimed LED Lighting is not only more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than many other light sources, it is also much more effective. Through EvoLucia's patent pending Aimed Optics™ technology, less overall light is needed if the light is correctly focused on the target area, which allows for more efficient lighting solutions.

Links: www.evolucialighting.comwww.sunoviaenergy.com

Sunovia Energy Technologieswas founded in 2007 to provide energy-efficient and sustainable energy solutions by commercializing advances in clean technology. The subsidiary EvoLucia Lighting, Inc. markets LED Lighting for roadways, public spaces and other outdoor site applications, using patent-pending Aimed Optics™ technology providing more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and effective aimed lighting than other light sources.
Simply put, "aimed LED lighting" is the method of providing exactly the light that's needed, where it's needed. EvoLucia optimizes utilization of LEDs to put the most foot-candles on the ground, in the pattern required, with the best uniformity, using the fewest LEDs and the least power consumed.
It is this capability of "Aimed Optics" that ideally enables EvoLucia's luminaires to meet and exceed the Dept. of Energy's Fitted Target Efficacy (FTE) Energy Star criteria for solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires.
EvoLucia: Aimed Light. Better Light. Energy Lite.

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