Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Recycled Leather As A Green Building Material

Recycled leather used for floor tiles? I just reviewed this product on www.iGreenBuild.com and it really looks impressive, environmentally friendly and it meets LEED criterial. When I first heard about leather floor tiles I was skeptical, but after learning more about how the leather is processed, how easy the tiles are to install and how durable they are, I quickly became an interested prospect.

If you are a home owner, builder, architect or green building advocate I suggest that you take a look at EcoDomo and share your thoughts on this Blog.


  1. I would think that the leather would change colors or get ruined if punctured or exposed to water or liquid. Any comments...thanks, Garrett. (www.equitygreen.com)

  2. I wondered, too, about the durability of leather floor tiles. So I went to the website and checked their FAQ. It's question number one! EcoDomo says:
    "A special finish is applied to the tiles which give them an exceptional resistance in comparison with other natural leather floors. Our tiles are practical and made with the user in mind while being of uncompromising beauty and texture. Leather is a natural very resilient material which will wear very well as long as the product is maintained by the regular application of wax to help protect the finish and nourish the leather.
    Our floors over time will develop a rich patina. While our Recycled Leather Tiles have a higher abrasion resistance than other leather tiles on the market, use will leave dents, scruffs, and marks. Their look will improve with age –in a manner similar to the patina developed by a leather sofa. Our floors will take on the characteristics of their environment, creating a truly unique and personal floor."

  3. Greetings to everyone !
    Will be glad to send a 4 x 4 sample to folks on the blog who send their address / name to us via email at info@ecodomo.com with a mention of this blog !

    to answer your first question, water or wine will not affect the leather. we've had them installed in kitchens!

    welcome all the questions !