Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Green Building Is Ripe For Marketing

This week I've seen the phrase "green building" in the business magazines I read, on TV and even in my local Mother's Market grocery store. For a business owner in the green building publishing business these are wonderful signs that our business planning and "assumptions" of three years ago were right on.

From a marketers perspective "the north forty" is ready for harvesting! Companies of all sizes are positioning their environmentally friendly building products and services in trade publications, on web sites, in television ads and even on public transportation vehicles. This is a great time for a new market and it's even a greater time to start living responsibly. The fact that both of these can be accomplished and there's thousands of companies getting involved sure makes me a happy farmer.

Were are you going to start planting your green marketing seeds?


  1. In with one of my many holiday catalogs, I found a postcard-sized ad touting the catalog company's use of renewable energy to power 100% of its operations. I didn't buy anything from the catalog because their products didn't appeal to me, but I was impressed by their commitment to alternative energy. As a marketing tool, that little card really got my attention.

  2. Great this blog.