Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sustainable Building Expert Yudelson Receives State, National Marketing Awards

Yudelson Associates, a leading green building consulting firm, announced today that its founder, Jerry Yudelson, has received two major marketing awards in recent months. In July, Yudelson was awarded a statewide marketing communications award by the Oregon chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services, a national professional organization for the architecture, engineering and construction community. In August, Yudelson received a national marketing communications award at the SMPS annual meeting in Los Angeles.

These awards were given for Yudelson’s innovative marketing campaign for Interface Engineering, Inc., a Portland, Oregon, based regional engineering firm. In November 2006, Yudelson created a marketing campaign based around a projected LEED Platinum award for the Oregon Health & Science University’s "Center for Health and Healing" in Portland. This campaign featured a remarkable 48-page detailed case study of Interface’s engineering design for the project. In the first year of publication, Interface received more than 7,000 requests for copies of this case study, from all over the world.

"What we did was unique for a building engineering firm, detailing the inner workings of an integrated design project that produced more than 60 percent energy savings and 50 percent water savings over a conventional building, at 12 percent less cost than the contractor’s initial budget," said Yudelson. "Our communications program vaulted Interface Engineering into the top rank of West Coast engineering firms, resulting in a number of design awards from major, first-time clients." He concluded, "Engineering firms have been reluctant to 'toot their horn' when they do something this remarkable. Interface’s accomplishments were featured as cover stories in three national trade magazines as a result of this communications program. This is the essence of good marketing in today’s world: a great story, well told."

Jerry Yudelson is the Sr. Editor for iGreenBuild.com. Sign up for his monthly eNewsletter here.

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