Sunday, November 12, 2006

94 percent of Americans want to work in healthy, energy-efficient buildings

According to a recent poll by Mortgage Lenders Network USA (MLN), 94 percent of Americans prefer to work in a building that is designed to be energy efficient and ecologically sound. The poll results showed that women appear to be more environmentally-concerned than men about their workplace. The poll revealed that 72 percent of working women declare a strong preference for green employers, vs. 64 percent of men. And, a larger percentage of Americans ages 45-54 would prefer to work in an eco-friendly building vs. their less eco-minded counterparts ages 25-34 (74 percent vs. 62 percent). This strengthens the business case for green buildings, particularly among developers aiming at large corporations for their tenants.

Posted by Matt Banes for Jerry Yudelson


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