Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lennox adds new high-efficiency models to Landmark® rooftop unit line

Lennox adds new high-efficiency models to Landmark® rooftop unit line

Dallas, TX – (January 8, 2013) – In order to offer customers increased energy savings and overall lower utility costs, Lennox has added high-efficiency 7.5- to 10-ton, gas/electric and  electric/electric models to its existing line of Landmark® rooftop units. Designed for use in new construction or for the replacement of an existing rooftop unit, high-efficiency Landmark® units offer customers increased energy savings and reliability, along with the flexibility of field configuration.

With the addition of Lennox' optional MSAV supply fan technology, Landmark units are up to 25% more efficient.* This factory-installed technology uses a variable frequency drive to deliver supply fan power savings of up to 61% while still meeting comfort requirements. Additionally, high-efficiency Landmark models may help businesses qualify for state and local utility rebates.

"Our high-efficiency Landmark models help businesses reduce energy use without sacrificing comfort," said Mike Ray, Senior Rooftop Unit Product Manager, Lennox Commercial. "We have also built added flexibility into our entire Landmark product line, providing installers with a solution for their needs at any job site, and customers with a unit that fits many applications."

The Landmark unit's flexible design offers more than 100 field customizable options and over 30 features designed to reduce installation and service time. This includes an isolated compressor compartment for easier, more accurate charge confirmation; a slide-out blower that offers quick belt tensioning, adjustment or replacement and easier cleaning of the blower wheel; and an accessible gas compartment that simplifies analysis and service.

These new Landmark units feature the Environ™ Coil System, which helps makes the unit easier to service and clean—a single service technician can clean the coil—reducing costs associated with maintenance. In addition, the all-aluminum coil is more resistant to corrosion, increasing the unit's reliability.

Coupled with the release of the 7.5- to 10-ton high-efficiency Landmark rooftop models is a company-wide expansion to address emergency replacement markets, designed to increase speed and availability of products to the light commercial rooftop industry. Many commonly used, standard- and high-efficiency Landmark units are now stocked and available the same-day in many major markets.  These models are available to 98% of North America within 48 hours or less through local Lennox commercial warehouses and select Lennox PartsPlus™ stores. To further expedite the emergency replacement process, Lennox offers a dedicated hotline to provide contractors quotes and availability within minutes.

Landmark units are available in 3- to 25-ton gas/electric and electric/electric and 3- to 20-ton heat pump configurations, with efficiency ratings up to 13 SEER, 14 IEER and 12.7 EER.

Warranties offered on the Landmark rooftop unit include a 15-year limited warranty on the stainless steel gas heat exchanger; a 10-year limited warranty on the aluminized gas heat exchanger; a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor; a 3- year limited warranty on the Environ™ coil system and a 1- year limited warranty on all covered components.

*Part load, IEER improvement. Comparing standard 11.2 IEER system to optional MSAV 14 IEER system.    

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