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LD Products Headquarters Awarded LEED Platinum Certification


LD Products' Long Beach Headquarters Awarded LEED Platinum Certification by
US Green Building Council

LONG BEACH, Calif., July 27, 2012 -- In a moment almost two years in the
making, LD Products has announced that its new Long Beach headquarters has
achieved the highest possible ranking of energy conservation and
environmentally friendly building. On June 21, 2012 the US Green Building
(USGBC) officially recognized the building, which houses the online ink
retailer's corporate offices and warehouse, as the first new construction
commercial building to be awarded LEED Platinum status according to the
council's more stringent 2009 v. 3 regulations.

The construction project in Long Beach's Douglas Park business community
underwent a detailed and precise planning process. That process, which was
helmed by founder and CEO Aaron Leon, developer Chuckie Lyons, and project
manager Alex Silber, ensured that the site achieved the highest levels of
energy conservation, sustainability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. LD
Products, which is already known for providing remanufactured ink and laser
toner as an alternative to new plastic products, has taken its environmental
efforts to a new level with this new site.
Company Senior Vice President Patrick Devane noted, "Customers buy from us
the first time mostly for the great savings. When they find out that they
are doing something good for the environment, it's an added bonus, and I
think it makes them feel good about coming back."

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it
is used as a measuring system for the sustainability, impact, efficiency,
and indoor environmental quality of new constructions and major renovations.
The USGBC systems awards points to buildings in
5 categories adding up to 100, with 10 extra points available for regional
priority and innovation in design. A minimum of 40 points will earn a
building certified status, while 50 to 59 points is the range for Silver
status. 60 points is the minimum to be certified Gold, and the highest
certification that a building can reach, LEED Platinum, requires a minimum
of 80 points. To earn those points, LD Products' building includes features
like waterless urinals, sound and motion activated lighting, walk-off grates
to reduce dust carried into the building, preferred parking for low-emission
vehicles, and an advanced air filtration system throughout the structure.
"The LD Products facility arguably provides the highest level of energy
performance and occupants comfort out of the nearly 100 green building
projects that we have worked on to date here at Gaia,"
Silber said. "We achieved every one of the 82 total points that were pursued
from the beginning for this LEED project."

The space of the 110,000-square foot facility is dominated by the warehouse,
which ships out thousands of packages each day. Compatible products made to
replace printer brands as well as remanufactured products, which are
cleaned, repaired, and refilled cartridges, are packaged and moved through
the LD Products warehouse to be shipped to customers. The energy used to
power the warehouse automation and conveyor system, lights, and
air-conditioning system as well as the energy used in the corporate offices,
which now stay open 14 hours per day, is provided completely from renewable
energy sources. The grid-connected photovoltaic system on the warehouse
rooftop accounts for 18% of that energy.

While the construction of such an environmentally responsible building did
come with financial costs, it also comes with benefits to the online
retailer. Since moving to the new facility just over 2 miles from its
previous home, LD Products' new headquarters has already saved the company
money on energy costs and is projected to use 47% less electricity and 42%
less potable water than a similarly sized facility.

Beginning over a decade ago with high-quality, low-cost laser toner
cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges and continuing with today's
construction of a groundbreaking energy-efficient facility, the Long
Beach-based printing supply retailer has found success by combining
responsibility in the community with good business.

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