Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Green Cleaners for Concrete Floors

Daimer Industries Inc.®, recognized for its biodegradable Eco-Green® cleaning formulations, has now shipped a duo of concrete cleaners for floors. The first product, Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner, has been formulated for use on finished and polished surfaces, while the other, Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover, was designed for use on unfinished concrete and stain cleaning. The products are manufactured for both commercial and industrial environments.
“These two concrete cleaners offer earth-safe alternatives for tough cleaning jobs on heavily trafficked floors,” explained Matthew Baratta, a sustainable stone cleaning products spokesman. “These new green formulations utilize the same plant-derived, proprietary chemistry that forms the basis for all Eco-Green® cleaners and preparations.”
Concrete Cleaners without Toxic Additives
The two new green concrete cleaners were designed for use on a variety common concrete floor surfaces.

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