Friday, February 02, 2007

Fight Global Warming

National Coatings AcryShield Roof Coatings Fight Global WarmingLast year alone, the cool-roof coating materials manufactured by National Coatings under the AcryShield label helped avoid as many as 24 million pounds of CO2 being produced due toreduced demands for energy.Camarillo, CA February 2, 2007 -- National Coatings is proud to announce that their AcryShieldcool-roof acrylic, water-based roof coatings, manufactured and installed last year alone, helped avoid as many as 24 million pounds of CO2 production in reduced demands for energy across the nation.National Coatings,, the leader in Acrylic Cool Roof Technology continues to demonstrate leadership in the roofing industry's fight against Global Warming. The commercial/industrial low slope roofs that have an installed AcryShield Cool-Roof will experience ongoing savings for years to come."Each company doing their part can make a significant impact on the environment." Matt Kolb, President of National Coatings Corporation further comments, "The compounded cumulative savings that can be realized can be staggering if owners of low slope roofs choose a cool roofing system" The cumulative effect can quickly move into annual avoided production of hundreds of millions of pounds of CO2 annually." says Bill Kirn, Technical Director, noted author, speaker and chemist in acrylic cool roof technology.About National Coatings CorporationPerformance through Innovation™, National Coatings Corporation (Camarillo, CA) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality elastomeric roof and wall coating products. For over 25 years, NCC has provided its customers with leading edge products, support, and thought leadership. National Coatings is a charter member of the Reflective Roof Coating Institute the Cool Roof Rating Council and the ENERGY STAR® Roof Productsgroup, and was twice recognized as ENERGY STAR Roof Products Partner of the Year. NCC's leading brands include AcryShield®, AcryPly®, AcryPly-D™, AcryFlex® and White Armor™.

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  1. I wonder how they calculate how much CO2 they've kept out of the environment.

    And since it seems to be a running thread in the whole "build green" frenzy, I also wonder about the price point of an acrylic roof. Cost benefits in the long run aren't necessarily enough to get buy-in in the short term.